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Introduction to DRM Podcast

Take advantage of a subscription to DRM's In the Light audio podcast for free! Simply download Apple iTunes software onto your personal computer and subscribe to our Podcast messages. You can only transfer downloaded audio copies to your Apple iPod device.

This service is iTunes-only compatible for Apple devices and available in MP3 audio.

Quick view for DRM Podcast Setup:

• Get the latest version of iTunes http://www.apple.com/itunes
• Click on the appropriate link to subscribe DRM's In the Light Audio Podcast    (Please allow a few moments for these links to load)
• Synchronize your iTunes with your iPod player
• For more information on setting up a Podcast, please view below

Directions for Setting up iTunes

Step 1:

Go to apple.com/itunes. Click on the Free Download graphic button provided on the page. A set of instructions will be provided for installing iTunes on your computer.

Step 2:

After your download and installation is complete, launch iTunes by locating the iTunes icon in your Start menu.

Click on the Advanced menu item in the iTunes interface and select Subscribe to Podcast.

Step 3:

Copy and paste this URL in the pop-up window:

For DRM's In the Light Audio podcast:


Click Ok

Step 4:

iTunes will locate and download current and older Podcast episodes, available for you to get at your leisure.

Step 5:

After the download is complete, you can listen to the current Podcast by clicking the Play button located in the upper left-hand corner.

Step 6:

When you are ready to get more Podcasts, simply click the Get button located next to the Podcast Title in the list, and iTunes will download the Podcast episode to the iTunes Library.

Step 7:

Click the Update icon in the upper right-hand corner to have iTunes search for new Podcast episodes.

Step 8:

To set your preferences for when and how you want iTunes to locate and download new Podcast episodes, click Edit in the menu and select Preferences in the pull-down menu.

Step 9:

To choose when iTunes checks for new episodes, select the down arrow and choose an option in the menu list (e.g., "Every day").

iTunes will check for episodes based on the criteria you select.

Step 10:

To choose what you want iTunes to do once it locates new episodes, select the down arrow next to when new episodes are available, and choose an option from the menu list (e.g., Download most recent one).

iTunes will automatically perform the action you choose here when it locates new episodes in your subscription.

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